Štítky: force metr, vytáhněte tester, pf220, mxita momentový klíč, push pull měřidlo 500, digitální force metr, digitální měřidlo síly, force sensitive rezistor, hvac napnutí řemenu měřidlo, dynamometr ruku.

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Enough fast delivery. Advantages: High quality solid tester body. 2N version works VERY fast and VERY sensitivity! High contrast display with nice backlit! Buttons are rigid and require the long press to avoid a random clicks. Very good kit even with a calibration test results list! Nuances: Kit plastic briefcase are very stinky (thanks I don't use it every day). Display are very good from vertical and lower angles, but go blind from the top view. If you need to use tester overturned - display image does not turns over with tester orientation. Because of a very high speed and sensitivity, I forced to use tester only at "Peak mode", but for a mass continuous peaks tests - I must repeatedly reset each peak with 3 long clicks of a rigid button - which annoying. Result: Still overall tester are calibrated, works good and very sensitive, kit have all what you need, and it's only one such tester for this price with a backlit display - so overall it's a very good tester!
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